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Making Your Life Easier By Simplifying IT.
SGI is shifting the complexity of IT, moving it out of the enterprise by engineering hardware and software to work together—in the cloud and in the data center. By eliminating complexity and simplifying IT, SGI enables its customers to focus on what they do best thereby creating added value for their customers. By engineering out the complexity that stifles businesses, SGI is engineering in speed, reliability, security, and manageability. The result is best-in-class products throughout an integrated stack of hardware and software, with every layer designed and engineered to work together according to open industry standards. SGI's complete, open, and integrated solutions offer extreme performance at the lowest cost—all from a single vendor. Integrated, industry-specific solutions are engineered to address complex business processes across a wide range of industries. For customers needing modular solutions, Open architecture and multiple operating system options provide unmatched benefits from best-of-breed products in every layer of the stack. This allows customers to build the most optimized infrastructure possible for their enterprise. If you are new to IT, have an existing network or you are starting a new installation, we can show you how SGI can make your implementation faster, your team more effective, your marketing more productive, and your return on investment higher. If you are a new customer, please take the time to get acquainted with our services.

Dental Technologies

We handle everything for your new or existing office
  • Computer Networking
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Digital X-Ray Systems
  • Interoral Cameras
  • Scanners
  • Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Schick, Dexis and more...

Corporate Consulting

  • Computer Networking
  • Windows and Linux Servers
  • Office Productivity
  • Printing
  • Scanners
  • Microsoft, Linux, AS-400 and more...

Web Technologies

We can utilize the LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) to bring the latest web technologies to your fingertips. Perl programming is also an option when integrating rich web application interfaces with custom middle ware attaching to your SQL backend. Whether you have a Microsoft, DB2, or MySQL database, we can provide an interface for your employees to access whether on the desktop or mobile sales and technical force out in the field.

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